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Patch mappers / savers

Not all synths are transmitting their parameters settings through Midi by CC, NRPN or sysex messages. This is obviously the case for old analog gear but also from recent one, especially the clones of vintage synths.

Therefore the only option to safeguard "THE SOUND" you made is to take a picture or write it down on paper or...use a patch mapper ;-)

A patch mapper is thus still requiring you to manually position all controls on the synth or in the software BUT will bring you some extra possibilities:

  • you act in the software as you would do on the actual synth thanks to a very similar look and feel

  • you get a graphic visualization of the envelopes

  • you can draw your patch cables on the main panel (ongoing - not yet available on all panels)

  • all your patches can be saved and retrieved digitally on your PC

  • you get the actual good old patch sheet for free in a separate tab. It is just awaiting your screenshot

  • if the synth is anyway exchanging a few global parameters/settings, you can modify those from the panel

  • (optional but advised) if you save a wav file of your patches and save it with the same name as the actual patch then, later on, you can use the File browser available in the panel to browse your patches for a certain sound, see and hear the patch directly without doing the actual patching of the synth

The patch mappers / savers are available as standalone Windows/MacOs versions and for most of them in VST/AU format as well (they will all be, only a matter of time). All formats are provided as well as some presets, when available.

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