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Full Editors / Librarians

When synths are providing Midi communication by CC, NRPN and/or sysex, full editors (with or without librarian) are providing a nice way to visualize the settings of the patches but also their handling in a bidirectional way.


A librarian functionality is extending the management of the patches by allowing you to combine patches as you want into banks.

In general you will find the following possibilities:

  • you act in the software as you would do on the actual synth thanks to a very similar look and feel

  • you get a graphic visualization of the envelopes

  • all your patches can be saved and retrieved digitally on your PC

  • all buttons are working in a bidirectional way once the communication is set with your synth (device inquiry message)

  • the librarian lets you load banks from your disk in the panel or in the synth. Several banks are provided so you can move/copy/swap programs between them

  • there are thus program level operations and bank management operations

  • you can compare saved and actual values of the same program or the values of two programs from the library or ...

The editors and librarians are available as standalone Windows/MacOs versions and VST/AU format as well. 

The DSI Pro 2 editor and librarian is provided for free with all code accessible so you can load it in the Ctrlr development tool to learn how things are done. I have to update several parts to bring it to the level of the Prologue panel (simplification of the code...).

I will soon adapt it so it can work as VST/AU and also provide those versions directly.

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