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Pro 2

v1.4 2018-01-01

Sunny Synths DSI Pro-2 editor and librarian

This panel is provided for free in its native Ctrlr compressed binary format. It is meant to be used with the Ctrlr program that has to be downloaded separately. I'm providing this panel in order for people to see and learn how to make similar panels.

Standalone and VST/AU versions can be made from within Ctrlr.



  • Pro2 interface with similar look as actual synthesizer

  • Parameters grouped in different tabs

  • Information about the meaning of each parameter (extract from the manual), its current value and its saved value of the loaded program by simple click and without modifying the value

  • Bi-directional behavior: modifying a parameter on the panel modifies it on the synth; modifying a parameter on the synth switches automatically (optional) to the corresponding tab and displays on the computer the parameter information, the current value and the saved value

  • Visual feedback by using “LED” ring buttons and secondary screens

  • Envelopes graphs handled by mouse or classical DADSR rotary buttons

  • All parameters and wave shapes display (no PW) for the four oscillators at once

  • Oscillators On/Off buttons

  • All parameters and routing display for the two filters at once

  • Filter 2 N/BP switch replaced by rotary button

  • Delays On/Off buttons

  • Load / Save programs from banks and from individual .syx files

  • Easy program renaming

  • Bank management: 2 Disk, 4 Factory and 4 User banks

  • Progress bar when receiving/sending bank

  • Program management

  • Programs info (listing/exporting current values, saved values, current and saved values,
    differences only, full comparison of two programs, differences between two programs)

  • Program compare (saved versus current values)

  • Load and edition of Pro2 Global parameters

  • Different extra switches: Bank AutoSave, Proceed confirmation for program actions, Tab switch…

  • Program and Global parameters adapted according to Pro2 OS

  • Pro2 sysex implementation documentation

  • v1.4 Check connection to Pro2 with Device Inquiry (Pro2 OS 1.3)

  • v1.4 Envelopes DADSR values displayed

  • v1.4 Inverted envelopes when Env. Amount is negative

  • v1.4 Enable/Disable LFO Frequency based on LFO Sync

  • v1.4 Added Key Assign and Pitch Wheel ranges

  • v1.4 Programs info showing Modulation sources and destinations

  • v1.4 Better user interaction when loading Basic Program

  • v1.4 Some minor corrections in the display of help text and values.


Price: Free

The download file is a compressed file including the panel, a manual / instructions on how to install Ctrlr, this panel and how to use it. It also contains the four factory banks and a few single programs as sysex files. Please read and follow the instructions in the manual 


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