Behringer   Pro-1

v2.1 2021-03-14

PRO-1 panel A.JPG

This panel is only a patch loader/saver on computer as the Behringer Pro-1 does not support the load/save of programs or the manipulation of program parameters by Midi NRPN/CC messages except for Global settings that can be transferred to the Pro-1.
It can thus also be called a “patch mapper”.



​•    Behringer Pro-1 patch saver/loader for PC and Mac
•    Interface with same look as actual synthesizer
•    Top row of support “screens” with old look
•    Visual feedback by using “LED” ring buttons and indication of the parameter value
•    Envelopes graphs handled by mouse or classical ADSR rotary encoders
•    Load / Save programs from individual .syx files
•    Easy program renaming
•    Display and export of program parameters as text file
•    Ability to describe 9 input/output patch cables with different sources/destinations
•    Programs have a name, author, save date and description. They can be associated to a category
•    Browser of the files on the disk
•    Patch sheet tab with patch sheet for Pro-1 and other gear (external synths/sequencer/FX chain)
•    Patch cables (9 colors)
•    Patch cables drawing directly on the main panel
•    Ability to switch between full cables or cable plugs
•    Support for double inputs / double outputs
•    Display of current precise parameter value when clicking on rotary encoders
•    Global settings management with automatic/manual send to the Pro-1 synth
•    Panel zoom with memory
•    Automatic reading of wav files associated to a patch
•    Manual/Automatic reading of any wav file
•    Standalone versions for PC and Mac
•    VST versions for PC (32 and 64 bits)
•    VST and AU versions for Mac
•    All buttons associated to a Midi CC controller number so you can adjust them from a hardware controller (still no impact on the synth of course and unfortunately)


Price: 10 EUR

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PRO-1 panel A
PRO-1 panel A
PRO-1 panel B
PRO-1 panel B
PRO-1 panel C
PRO-1 panel C
PRO-1 panel D
PRO-1 panel D
Pro-1 panel A1
Pro-1 panel A1
Pro-1 panel A2
Pro-1 panel A2